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Army Worm Infestation

Mr. Green Thumb emailed the following information to our registered, active customers who's email addresses we have on file. If you did not receive the email (from admin@mrgreenthumb.bz) either we don't have your current email or your email service provider blocked email from us because of suspected spam. If that's the case, you have to notify your email provider that they should "whitelist"us.

Hello Mr. Green Thumb Customer,

Army worms have invaded the Bluegrass, they can significantly damage your turf grass in a relatively short timeframe.

Every spray person at Mr. Green Thumb has been out battling this insect 7 days a week as the weather has allowed(s). All other services have been put on hold to include regular lawn/tree-shrub treatments, seedings and aerations, mosquito sprays, etc. We have all assets spraying for the army worms.

What to look for:
Browning in your grass that is growing. This can look like drought or fungal areas.

How to test: - Please note we are ALL spraying here at Mr. Green Thumb and we can not test at this time, but here is how to test:
Take at least 1 gallon plus of water with dish soap, dump in the brown area. If the worms (they look like caterpillar's) are there, they will come to the surface in and around the soap suds in the turf.

You may simply want to get on our spray list even if you do not have browning. These are extra spray(s), priced at your normal application rate.

If you have already had a spray, you may want to get on the 2nd spray list. We are still working on researching the appropriate timeframe between sprays.

Please do not respond to this email, use the following email address for this issue.

Click this link: armyworm@mrgreenthumb.bz to get put on our spray lists.

Please let us know:

  • 1. That you have tested and have active army worms. This will accelerate our response to spray.
  • 2. You do not have browning and want to be sprayed as a precaution.
  • 3. You have already been sprayed and are requesting a 2nd spray.

Please include your name and address in the email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,


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